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Operation:OPS is a lo-fi stealth-action FPS set in an alternate 199X.

Play as an operative seemingly working for the world's most notorious terrorist, who is known only as "The Operator".

Your health is low, and you are outnumbered and vulnerable. Once you are detected, enemy reinforcements will arrive in waves until your mission is complete.

A variety of equipment can be selected before you deploy, such as explosives, motion trackers, nerve-gas grenades, sentry guns and amphetamines.

Fight in up to nine different operations, with seven possible endings, depending on who you save, and whose orders you choose to follow.


Operation:Ops could use a bit more polish. It currently has music disabled, and lacks a proper cutscene for the good ending. But otherwise, it's gameplay-complete and good to go, if you don't mind a bit of jank!


WASD - Move

Mouse - look

Left Mouse - Fire

Right Mouse - Throw grenade

R - Reload

1,2,3,4 - change between gun, explosives, motion tracker, GPS

E - melee, punch walls to lure guards

Space - Use/talk

C - Crouch

Shift - Run

LATEST VERSION: 0.86  31st of March 2021

Urgent fixes for missions 4, 5 and 8. Explosives disarming made easier. Fewer audio glitches and less loud clipping. Save compatible!


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OperationOPS.0.86.zip LATEST VERSION 36 MB


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Hi, I played most of your game and I thought it was really good. One small bug I noticed is that if you keep pressing R with the shotgun even when it is completely reloaded, you continue to lose your extra ammunition.

Thanks for that! Will have it fixed for the next version

the download option for the itch.io app doesn't work, and I tried downloading files from chrome but it doesn't run so can you please fix the issue in the app


My bad! Should be downloadable from the app now.

thanks! game's running now


Amazing game! Would recommend to anyone. I hope you're still developing! One problem I ran into though, was that in the tutorial level, none of the gear spawned on the table in the "Special Items" room. Is it just me being dumb or it it a glitch?

Thanks! Near the end of development now. That special items room thing is definitely a bug. Good catch!


OMG I love this. I've always wanted to make a game exactly like this and the execution here is just excellent. 

Late reply, but thank you so much! I hope you do get to make that game someday!

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This game it's really great, grhapics are charming, and the gameplay is difficult enough. feels like a fps version of metal gear, witch it's really great. the only problelm i have is that the run button can't be remapped, i use the arrows keys so i have some poblems. Another small detail that i tink shuld be changed it's the random item spawn, because it incentive restarting missions hoping to get the item you want from the random spawn, and making the spawn fixed, culd give the level new depth, making easier to plan a mission. The last problem i have is the wierd timing of disarming C4, because whit small cylces like 4 beps, it works, but the longer one (witch it's off beat) it takes too long to disarm, so in my opinion, standardize the C4 timing wuld help some missions a lot

Thanks for commenting!

Sorry about the "Run" key, made it rebind-able and defaulting to both left and right shift in latest version.

Good point about the items, too. As it is, most items are random. In some later missions, there are locked rooms full of sentry-guns and body armor, that spawn every time. I do like the randomization, as it requires more careful thinking about what to take on a mission, but you've made me realize I should make the randomized item spawn dependent upon what's already in the player's inventory.

Others have mentioned the C4 too, so it could probably do with a nerf.

Thanks again for playing and taking the time to comment, It really helps!


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its really cool and fun, but the way the gun is handled is extremely frustrating.

Thanks for the feedback! Too much recoil? Too long to reload?




This game is f***ing awesome, try it now! The only turn-off is that in some missions the map is quite open and you can get lost in it which will make the game kinda hard but still pretty enjoyable.


Well, beginning from mission 5 game is too hard. Too much need to do, too much places need to visit. Too low time to do this after alarm.

I feel what only one solutions - cleaning level by stealth with silencer handgun, like i did in mission 4.
Maybe needs to do different reinforcement period for all missions.

Now i cannot complete missions 5, 6, 7.
But i completed mission 8 and boss.


Well if you begin on level 5 then it would obviously be


Appreciate the feedback! The reinforcement period is different for each mission. In mission 5, the first wave takes a while to spawn, but subsequent waves spawn much faster. It's pretty punishing, I admit.

For harder missions, I always pack the Radio Jammer, which reduces the number of guards spawning, and increases the time it takes them to spawn. Possibly one of the more useful late-game items. Almost essential on missions 5 and onward. I'm impressed you got through mission 8, though!

This was a late reply, but thanks for taking the time to play and give feedback. Much appreciated!

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How to place C4? Got it, it may be placed only to locked door.
Ahd how to disable C4 in mission 3? Got it, SPACE when blink green, but is blinking so fast!

Summary, pretty good and hardcore stealth-game. I'll be waiting release.

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I have a bug. If continue game from mission #4, then after first start mission on top part of screen appears 3 overlapped messages from someone people. I think is messages from that scientists, what we need rescue, but me not rescued anyone yet.

Thanks so much for posting, it helped me find a potentially game-breaking bug! Seems that continuing the campaign after restarting the game causes conversations and some messages to glitch out. It will make getting the best ending impossible. Will have a fix shortly.

Until then, you can edit Player.xml file in Resources/Save folder and change the "currentMission" number at the end of that file to skip ahead to other missions if you get stuck.

I not get stuck now, i still try finish missions by normal way.


Another bug - mission 7 starting first time without cutscene with helicopter.

Thanks for this as well. Fixed the mission 4 and 5 bugs, possibly the mission 7 bug, although I can't seem to replicate that one. Fingers crossed, latest version is all good!


It hurts so much

Thanks so much for making this! It made my day.

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Plz make more content for the game i really enjoyed playing it and can u say what the software u used for modeling


Thanks! Eventually, I plan to add a "single mission" mode and release the mission editor if enough people are interested. All the modelling is done in Blender, with an ancient version of Photoshop for the textures.


What exactly would "single mission" be? Like a mode separated from the campaing? And regarding a mission editor, i'm sure people would be interested in that!


Wow you updated it! awesome!


incredibly cool new version!