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Operation:OPS is a lo-fi stealth-action FPS set in an alternate 199X.

Play as an operative seemingly working for the world's most notorious terrorist, who is known only as "The Operator".

Your health is low, and you are outnumbered and vulnerable. Once you are detected, enemy reinforcements will arrive in waves until your mission is complete.

A variety of equipment can be selected before you deploy, such as explosives, motion trackers, nerve-gas grenades, sentry guns and amphetamines.

Fight in up to nine different operations, with seven possible endings, depending on who you save, and whose orders you choose to follow.


Operation:Ops could use a bit more polish. It currently has music disabled, and lacks a proper cutscene for the good ending. But otherwise, it's gameplay-complete and good to go, if you don't mind a bit of jank!


WASD - Move

Mouse - look

Left Mouse - Fire

Right Mouse - Throw grenade

R - Reload

1,2,3,4 - change between gun, explosives, motion tracker, GPS

E - melee, punch walls to lure guards

Space - Use/talk

C - Crouch

Shift - Run

LATEST VERSION: 0.81  8th of October 2020

Minor bugfixes only, no new content. Save compatible

    • Drug withdrawal effect now works as intended, no longer a blinding pink screen
    • weight of proxy-mines and gas-grenades reduced
    • Keypad removed from door in mission 8, just a regular switch now
    • minor cosmetic fixes here and there

    Updated 12 days ago
    StatusIn development
    AuthorPoor Richard
    GenreShooter, Action
    TagsFirst-Person, FPS, Low-poly, Pixel Art, Stealth, Tactical, Unity
    Average sessionA few minutes
    InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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    (2 edits) (+2)

    Plz make more content for the game i really enjoyed playing it and can u say what the software u used for modeling


    Thanks! Eventually, I plan to add a "single mission" mode and release the mission editor if enough people are interested. All the modelling is done in Blender, with an ancient version of Photoshop for the textures.


    What exactly would "single mission" be? Like a mode separated from the campaing? And regarding a mission editor, i'm sure people would be interested in that!


    Wow you updated it! awesome!


    incredibly cool new version!